Can I take my students on a field trip or work with student groups on a Pro-D day?




No. Pro-D days (referred to as Non-Instructional days by the School District and Ministry) are defined in legislation as days when students do not attend. Teachers have worked hard to negotiate this time in their Collective Agreements for their own professional development.




Can I use my Pro-D funds for personal wellness?




No. As per our Pro-D Policy, there is a distinction made between personal development and professional development. Personal development are those activities designed to promote our well-being. Professional development enhances our practice of teaching and growth as a professional.   




How much funding do schools get for school-based Pro-D?




For whole-school Professional Development, each school will be allotted $20 per year per FTE for light refreshments. Funding is contingent upon availability and the appropriate application form shall be completed and submitted with receipts.




Do teachers get any release time to plan for their school-based Pro-D day?




Yes! Each school shall be allotted 6 X 0.5 days per year to release PD Committee members to meet and plan School-based PD days.




For school-based Pro-D, does the NDTA pay the presenters fee?




Each school site or equivalent may apply for a facilitator amount up to the equivalent value of 1.5 TTOC release days on each school-based day. This value is to be set as the average TTOC cost billed to the Committee in the previous year. Funds may not be combined or rolled over, but can be supplemented with those from other sources. NDTA members who present at a PD event receive facilitator funds in the form of additional funds into their PD account. This fund is to be used for whole-school workshops, not to be used by individual teachers for individual PD activities. Applications are subject to the approval of the PD Chair and to availability of funding as set out in the annual PD Budget.




Am I allowed to do a self-directed activity?




Yes, teachers can elect to do a self-directed activity as long as the teacher’s attendance is not essential for the planned Pro-D activity and falls within the Pro-D Policy guidelines. Teachers must complete a “Self Directed Pro-D” form which includes sending a copy to the NDTA and informing their principal of their plans. 




Why do I have to inform the NDTA or the principal of my self-directed plans?




Under our Collective Agreement, the NDTA is required to report to the School District a summary of all Pro-D member activities. As well, School District Policy says that principals must inform the Assistant Superintendent of the “topic and nature” of professional development activities.  




What is my Individual PD fund allotment?




Teachers' allotments are based on their FTE. Currently, individual funding amounts are $400/1.0 FTE for the 2018-2019 school year and $300/1.0 FTE for future school years. Part-time teacher’s allocation would be pro-rated (ex.  0.5 X $400 = $200 for this school year). TTOCs are allocated $300 for this year. Funds for TTOCs do not roll over if unused by the end of June 2019.

This is the first year of a new 3-year cycle (2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-2021). At this time in the cycle, contract teachers can access the year 1 and year 2 portion of their allocation. In the second year and third year, all 3 years may be accessed if unused.

Any funds unused by June 30, 2021, will be rolled back into general revenue and a new three (3) year cycle will begin.


NEW:  Supplemental TTOC day




All teachers with a contract may also access up to one (1) TTOC release day per year for Professional Development as per NDTA Pro-D Policy. This is billed directly to the NDTA. Supplemental TTOC release days do not roll over and must be used by May 31 of each school year. To access your supplemental day, your absence needs to be entered in mysd68 using the reason code NDTA Pro D. The Application for TTOC release form must also be completed (even if you are non-enrolling), including the section for admin’s signature, and submitted to the NDTA.