District Committee Application Form


To fill out the above form: 

  • You must first save to your computer.  

  • Open the file from your computer.

  • Fill in all fields.

  • Once completed save to your computer again.

  • Either: attach the pdf and email to ndta@shaw.ca or fax to 250-756-0188.


If you are interested in becoming an NDTA representative on any of the following District Committees please complete the District Committee Application form and return to the NDTA no later than 4pm Monday, October 3rd 2016. 


  • Assessment and Reporting:
    • 1 SST, 1 Primary, 1 Intermediate, & 1 Secondary teacher.

  • Educational Technology Advisory Group (ETAG)
    • 1 Secondary, 1 Elementary, 1 Librarian, + District Virtual Librarian

  • Student Services Admin Procedure Committee
    (To write the Admin Procedure to Special Ed. as it relates to the "Inclusion Policy."
    • 2 District Itinerant Teachers (Counsellors, Ed. Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, etc...)
    • 2 School based SSTs

  • District Safe Schools Committee
    (Replaces SOGI & MCRR)
    • 2 teachers + 2 District Social Justice Advocates  


Applications will be reviewed by the Executive committee on October 4th, and successful applicants will be notified by the end of next week.  Please email ndta@shaw.ca if you have any questions or call the office.