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Graduating Student Award 


District NLPS Reporting Taskforce

The District still require the following teachers for the "NLPS Reporting Task Force."
1 Elementary French Immersion teacher
1 ELL teacher
2 Secondary Classroom teachers: one in the g. 8/9 area; one in g.10-12
1 Elementary Student Support Service teacher
The District is asking for the teachers who meet the following criteria:
·         Experienced teachers (At least 5 years’ experience in the role they would be representing)
·         Demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively with others
·         Growth mindset of “we can”
·         Passion and/or commitment to assessment and reporting practices in NLPS
·         Commitment to contribute positively to NLPS
 If you are interested please complete the District Committee Application Form by April 3rd.
Mike Ball
President - Nanaimo District Teachers' Association
Office:  250-756-1237
Fax:      250-756-0188
Cell:      250-714-5244